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Friday 7 August, 2020

Schneider Electric helps save space with Micro Data Centres

Schneider Electric's Micro Data Centres

Schneider Electric's Micro Data Centres

Global technology giant Schneider Electric is making strides in saving space while creating effective solutions for data storage.  

In launching their Micro Data Centres, Schneider aims to take what used to require an entire room and turn it into a small wall mount.  

Speaking with LoopTT, Sales Director Caribbean IT Division at Schneider Electric, Manuel Rodrigues explained the value of investing in the product.  

“The micro-data centre is an integrated solution that basically is now combining in a wall mounted rack, the power protection, uninterruptible power supply in UPS’s, a filtration and cooling system slong with security and software that allows companies to manage their distributed IT networks across their organisation,” he said. 

The centres are supposed to help employers breathe easier, knowing that their data and hardware are safe, even in the event of a power disruption. 

With the advent of COVID-19, the data sharing model of the centres also provide useful tools for companies using more techonological means of conducting business. 

“You can think about a retail or even supermarkets of today where you’re seeing a lot more self-checkout type of cashier systems where people can scan their items themselves and then the bags are checked against a receipt. Those automated systems are creating data on the site that also need to be processed on site as well. It can be linked to their inventory systems, warehouse management systems and anything relevant within the store,” he explained. 

This information, through Schneider’s data centres can be stored and shared throughout the agency to ensure that all systems are constantly on the same page. 

This isn’t Schneider Electric’s first go in technology in Trinidad and Tobago. Their local suppliers carry a wide range of products designed to make small, medium and larger corporations have an easier time managing their data. 

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