Friday 27 November, 2020

St Lucia to show the world its unique culture at CARIFESTA

With a contingent of 80 individuals, Team Saint Lucia is hoping to make a statement with its presentation at CARIFESTA Fourteen.

With a mix of theatre, music, literary arts, performance poetry, traditional performances, visual arts, craft and fashion, the Cultural Development Foundation says this year its participants understand clearly the intention of the festival.

Artistic Director for CARIFESTA’s Team Saint Lucia, Drenia Frederick revealed St Lucia continues to make successful contributions to the arts in the region, and CARIFESTA is no different. 

She said: “There is a nouveau cultural revolution led by innovation and a renaissance of folklore, with reference to A Little Folk Tale. Invariably, this year’s CARIFESTA presentation is a reflection of the new wave of artistic expression. Our approach this year is to merge various genres of the performing arts, (arts, craft, culture), foster synergies amongst the more experienced artistes and the younger ones, showcase a contribution of Saint Lucia’s next generation of performers."

This year’s presentation will include performances of La Woz, and Masquerade, as well as A Little Folk Tale. And Fredericks said St Lucia needs to show the world its authenticity.

“La Woz and the Jab ritual have never been done at a CARIFESTA and I think we need to show the rest of the world that there is more to Saint Lucia than what you see all the time; the quadrille. We have explored that, and what we did with those young persons was to invite resource persons to speak to them about the cultural forms. Imagine, we took them to Belle Vue to see a séance, and that was the first time some of them had ever experienced that, much less gone to Belle Vue.

"I was pleasantly surprised with how they opened up themselves to receive it and understand that you can enjoy yourself with our tradition and you can take it and innovate; not interfering with the root of it, but to create something else."

The Cultural Development Foundation is thankful for the contributions of all those who have invested in this year’s participation, including the Government of St Lucia, in particular, the Minister responsible for Culture and Creatives Industries, Sen. Hon. Fortuna Belrose.

CARIFESTA XIV will take place in Trinidad and Tobago from August 16-25.

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