Monday 21 September, 2020

Update: Restaurant says 2.5% charge for PPE was mix-up

Image via Trotters on Facebook

Image via Trotters on Facebook

Updated 8.15 pm

Trotters Trinidad and Tobago says the bill posted to social media, reflecting a 2.5% charge to partially offset the cost of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for its staff, was an error.

This was confirmed via a statement on Monday and follows reports that the National Security Minister would look into the charge added by the restaurant.

Trotters explained that there was a 12.5% dine-in service charge since October 2019 adding that a 2.5% additional charge was placed on curbside pickups and deliveries amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, Trotters said the last charge was removed when the Government sanctioned the reopening of restaurants.

“During the COVID-19 lockdown period, we charged 2.5% on curbside and deliveries in an effort to partially offset Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other costs of COVID-19. We explained this charge clearly as a footnote on our bills in the spirit of transparency. After the re-commencement of dine-in, we had reverted to the 12.5% service charge but the footnote accidentally remained and caused some confusion.”

The restaurant said it prides itself on delivering unsurpassed quality, consistency, service and value for the last 20 years. It also condemned calls for a boycott.

“That will never change! While we fully respect and defend people's rights to their opinión, we have been surprised at the attacks on our team and our management. There was no need for these attacks and calls for boycott, especially from commentators that neither care for or support us.”

Trotters further noted that it will revert to its previous service charge, prior to the increase to 12.5%.

“We will continue faithfully on that mission every day and have decided after discussions with customers to revert to the original 10% service charge of 2019.”

Original story

National Security Minister Stuart Young has said that he'll be looking into an unusual charge by a restaurant meant to cover the costs for personal protective equipment (PPE) and health protocols.

On Sunday, a Facebook user posted a bill from Trotters, and questioned why the restaurant was charging 2.5 percent to offset its PPE and health protocol costs.

"I saw this on my bill last night and I am disgusted that you are adding this to our bill without even discussing it before in order to get agreeance.Your establishment is already high earning - why must customers pay for you to be clean and sanitary? This is very unfair!!!....2.5% adds amounted to almost 25TTD extra on our bill."

Speaking at the virtual media conference on Monday, the National Security Minister said the bill was brought to his attention.

"This bill has been brought to my attention last night and then this morning as well. I've been asked to take a look at it, with this charge that is being supplanted on the bill for PPE and COVID-19 protocols. That is something we are going to be looking at."

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