Saturday 19 September, 2020

Subway adds pizza to menu, delivery now available

Meatball lovers can enjoy the new meatball pizza from Subway.

Meatball lovers can enjoy the new meatball pizza from Subway.

Subway is synonymous with sandwiches but now, the franchise is serving up something new and unexpected – pizza.

The new addition to the local menu is a personal pan pizza that gives you all the benefits of Subway’s offerings of fresh vegetables and unique toppings.

The menu offers six hand-crafted personal pizzas - Kid friendly Cheese Pizza, Veggie Delite, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Meatball and Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki.

The pizza offering is part of Subway’s international pizza programme, said Devon Oudit, Vice President of Subway Trinidad.

The pizza satisfies loyal Subway lovers  by retaining the elements the brand is known for including a choice of crust, either wheat or white. It also satisfies the taste of pizza lovers, said Oudit, with better quality vegetables and a wider range of sauces than their competitors.

“By us you have the whole gamut of sauces, you are not limited to the core meats," he said.

Pepperoni pizza

Asha Sanmoogam, Marketing Manager of Subway, said the pizza option is also good for those customers who prefer less bread.

The new pizza option was introduced on July 24.

Sanmoogam said the first phase was trial and awareness and they are creeping into phase two in which they are seeing repeat customers.

“I have been working with the brand for almost seven years and we have launched different sandwiches. The guest engagement for this new format has been really positive, we are seeing it in the numbers,” she said.

If you want to order a pizza or any Subway product but do not want to go to a store to pick it up, Subway is now offering a delivery service.

Chicken Teriyaki pizza

“Delivery is a channel we never explored before but with events we have accelerated our plans regarding that. Delivery is available at 24 locations out of 45. Across the length and breadth of Trinidad and Tobago, at least one location close to you will be doing delivery,” said Oudit.

He said while there is a delivery number - 226-SUBS – the restaurant is now going a step further with online ordering.

This service is only available for 10 locations at the moment as it is being rolled out.

“Go to the website, click on the order online button. You can pay online or you can choose to pay when you receive your delivery. Or you can order your food and arrange collection, just put in what time you will pick it up,” he added.

To encourage customers, there is a special delivery special with a free pack of cookies for orders over $50.

Veggie Delite pizza

In addition to the new initiatives, Subway has other plans for the near future.

“We have a few rabbits in the hat, the level of engagement will be amped up, the ways in which you will engage in Subway will be amped up with an app, breakfast and dessert options,” revealed Oudit.

Like every other business, Subway has had to innovate to keep customers engaged through the COVID-19 restrictions especially with less people going to the outlets.

Oudit said they have seen a significant reduction in the number of customers at their stores and assured that their cleaning standards have been enhanced in keeping with international standards with sanitation of touch points every 30 minutes, social distancing markers and monitoring of employee’s temperatures.

“We are mindful of the times we are living in and Subway’s standards with regards to our cleanliness has been enhanced. We are doing what we can to ensure subway standards are safe for our employees and guests but for those who do not want to venture out, we have a solution for you.  We are still catering to our customers.”

Call 226-SUBS to have your Personal Hand-Crafted PIZZA delivered. Subway’s current delivery locations are as follows:

  1. Chase Village
  2. Couva
  3. Montrose
  4. Munroe Rd
  5. Price Plaza
  6. O'Meara
  7. Sangre Grande
  8. Trincity Mall
  9. Tunapuna
  10. Barataria
  11. Valsayn
  12. Independence Square
  13. La Romain
  14. Marabella
  15. South Park
  16. Debe
  17. Mayaro
  18. Penal
  19. Point Fortin
  20. Princes Town
  21. Siparia
  22. Orange Hill
  23. Diego Martin
  24. Maraval

Online Ordering is now available at the following locations:

  1. Chase Village
  2. Montrose
  3. Price Plaza
  4. O'Meara
  5. Trincity Mall
  6. Barataria
  7. Valsayn
  8. La Romain
  9. Diego Martin
  10. Maraval

Additional delivery and online options will be added soon.

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