Friday 27 November, 2020

Szechuan Express fuses Indo-Chinese cuisine with Trini flavours

Wings from Szechuan Express

Wings from Szechuan Express

Szechuan Express is the newest culinary experience on the scene.

It’s a fusion of Indo-Chinese cuisine with a blend of local spices and seasonings, distinctive flavours and fresh ingredients coming together to create something new and delicious.

Located at #130 SS Erin Road, Debe, San Fernando, Szechuan Express offers a new experience for all variations of taste buds but offers more convenience to those hailing from the Southern ends of Trinidad.

Director Abigail Sinnette tells LoopTT that at the heart of the business, is a desire to offer delicious food everyone can enjoy.

“We offer exceptional service every day which is considered number one in our book. From the moment a customer comes in, to the moment they leave, the experience and product that we render are exemplary. We strive for 100 per cent satisfaction and welcome each customer with smiles and simple gestures of door opening. You even have the option of sampling the food and the opportunity to create your own… you are not limited to anything at Szechuan Express,” she said.

The business was opened in July because of the desire of two young men, Garth and Garvin Marshall, who had a love for service and cooking exquisite food.

“Their passion is to bring to the public great tasting food with value for money and to satisfy each customer to the best of their abilities.”

Sinnette explained Szechuan Express’ drive: “It’s the love and passion from the people that prepare the food behind the line, from each slice of the knife on the veggies and meats to the finished product. Henceforward to the line, where our front line staff serves the customer with the utmost level of importance.”

Szechuan Express caters for everyone with wide-ranging options available, which also includes Vegetarians.

Exceptional service begins at the door with welcoming smiles, and Sinnette said the goal is to ensure customers have a great experience and leave 100 per cent satisfied.

She assured the food is among the best value on the market, with options for the whole family.

“It’s different, affordable, tasty and worth every dollar. Especially during this COVID time and even post-COVID, we care about value for money and want people to say “Yes! Szechuan is the place to go for the family takeout lunches, boxes or buffet style.”

Sinnette said it’s certainly a new taste in cuisine only at Szechuan Express.

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