Wednesday 28 October, 2020

There's a new local rideshare app on the market: Travee

The introduction and departure of Uber has helped to usher in a wave of local rideshare apps, allowing the travelling public to enjoy several options and convenience as they traverse across Trinidad and Tobago. 

Travee is the latest rideshare app on the market and is upping the ante in how we travel, both on the road and even in the sky.

The app, which went live on Sunday, was created by a small team of university graduates, Daryll Grant (Chief Technology Officer), Emeka Farrier (Deputy Chief Technology Officer) and Makesi Peters, CEO and former UWI Guild President. Peters spoke with Loop following the app's launch, saying that the advent of Uber allowed for more flexibility and ground to be explored when it came to ridesharing in Trinidad and Tobago.

“When Uber left, we came together to create an app that we felt should be at an international standard because we felt like ridesharing wasn’t fully explored in Trinidad and Tobago,” said Peters said.

Stating that the app has similar features to Uber and TT RideShare, Travee users can book rides, check the availability of drivers, track their drivers in real time as well as share their trip with friends and loved ones where they can monitor their journey.

Users can also customise their preferences such as selecting whether they want a male or female driver, and create lists with their favourite or preferred drivers. The app even allows customers to select which type of vehicle they want to ride in with a range from sedan, luxury (BMW, Benz, etc.), SUV, 7-seater, and even maxi options.

Users can also “top up” their loved one's accounts if they are on a trip and don’t have sufficient funds. It's also available for businesses; corporate clients can create an account with Travee and utilise its services for its staff.

“With the features that we have, even Lyft has reached out to us and said that they were impressed and interested with us as we move up the Caribbean islands,” Peters said. “We plan to launch in St. Lucia next month, then Barbados and then straight up the islands; the app is positioned to become the ridesharing app of the Caribbean.”

And he doesn’t only mean for on the road. Pretty soon, users will be able to take advantage of Travee Sky, touted as the ‘rideshare experience of the sky’.

With Travee Sky, users can request a private flight to Tobago, Grenada and St. Lucia.

“If the air bridge is not available, if there are no flights available with Caribbean Airlines, users can request--in real time--a private flight to Tobago, Grenada or St. Lucia." This service, he said, is expected to roll out within the next month.

“We have a team managed by Travee Sky who coordinates everything and ensures that everything is in accordance with our operating agreement with Piarco International Airport. Because we’re dealing with aviation, it will take a longer time to roll out. It’s already integrated, we already have multiple planes, we have our pilots, we just want to ensure everything is running smoothly before we introduce to the general public," he stated.

The team has plans to expand the service to islands such as Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Suriname, and St. Skitts. 

"Ridesharing is something that can revolutionize the Caribbean and it’s the reason why we’re not limiting this to just Trinidad. We really want to take this up the islands. As former Guild President, I was able to use my network and bring people together to create something that is really unique." 

Download Travee for Android and iOS and follow them on Facebook for updates. 


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