Thursday 3 December, 2020

Tobago bucket list: 10 things you must do on the island before you die

Do not underestimate Tobago. it may be small but it's a treasure trove of gorgeous landscapes, food and culture.

There are so many things to do in Tobago aside from hitting the beach.

Here are 10 things to scratch off your Tobago bucket list the next time you touch down. 


1. Visit Argyle Waterfall 

Located just outside Roxborough, the 175-foot waterfall is the highest in Tobago. Grab a guide for only $30 and take a 20-minute nature walk before arriving at the tumbling series of stepped cascades.


2. Goat and crab races

Both races are serious business in Tobago. Goat racing, especially, is a vital activity around Easter. 

The goats are trained for months to be ready for the 100 m stretch.

Crab racing isn’t on as grand a scale as goat racing but is still just as interesting. The crabs are harnessed by a piece of string and poked and prodded to ‘run’ to finish line.  


3. Moriah ole time wedding

The trademark activity is the highlight of the Tobago Heritage Festival. The Moriah Ole Time Wedding is a reenactment of historical Tobago weddings and is designed to highlight European influence on Tobagonians.

The wedding activities include a bachelor night and a bridal showcase, followed by the wedding trek through the streets and a show at the reception ground.


4. Swim in aquatic bliss in Nylon Pool 

Photo: Tobago Division of Tourism

One of the most popular attractions in Tobago, Nylon Pool is an in-sea shallow white ground coral pool located just off of Pigeon Point and near Buccoo Reef.

There’s no better experience than soaking up the sun on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean.

Take a glass-bottom boat ride and take in the aquatic life while you’re on your way there.


5. Go to Little Tobago

Photo: Hans Tours

Head to Speyside and take a glass bottom boat to Little Tobago which has been converted into a bird sanctuary by the government.

A birdwatcher’s dream, you can see rare birds including the red-billed tropicbirds, magnificent frigate birds, shearwater and red-footed boobies.

When you’re done you can also snorkel off of Goat Island which is considered the best reef in Tobago and is the largest brain coral known to man.


6. Snorkelling

Photo: My Tobago

Little Tobago isn’t the only place to go snorkelling. Buccoo Reef, Arnos Vale Reef, Store Bay, Castara Bay and Grafton Beach are just a handful of sites you can go to snorkelling.

Tobago has some of the best and most beautiful coral reefs in the region so it would be a pity to not see these underwater gems and other aquatic life.


7. Hike through Main Ridge Forest Reserve 

Photo: Caribya

Thought rainforests were only in the Amazon? Think again.

The Main Ridge Forest Reserve--a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, and National Heritage Site is the oldest protected forest reserve in the western hemisphere and is the perfect place to really see the natural ecosystem at work.

The rainforest is a beautiful tapestry of flora, fauna as well as a number of waterfalls, rivers and streams.


8. Do an island tour

Tobago is small enough (116 square miles) to go from one side of the island to another in one day.

There are a number of island tours available which allows you to get a taste of all of the gorgeous sights, beaches, and food that Tobago has to offer.


9. Go to the Tobago cocoa estate

Did you know that Trinidad and Tobago is one of just fifteen countries to produce the highest quality cocoa bean strains? Visit the cocoa estate where the trinitario bean, the best in the world, is produced. 


10. Attend Sunday School


Definitely not the typical Sunday School you went to as a kid. If you're looking for a good lime (what Trinbagonian isn't?) go to Buccoo and take in good music, food and people. 


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