Tuesday 14 July, 2020

Trini Good Media looks at COVID-19 issues for Conversation Day

What can replace a hug?

A hug is one of the most natural human interactions, but the Covid-19 pandemic has put paid to many of us having those moments.

How do we adapt?   

This is one of the topics up for discussion at Conversation Day TT which takes place today, Saturday, June 13.

This event will be staged for the second year by digital media company Trini Good Media in collaboration with the Bocas Lit Fest.

The theme for Conversation Day 2020 is Sharing What We're Learning. 
Some of the topics to be discussed are:

⦁ Which civil liberties are you uncomfortable giving up?

⦁ Will Covid make us smarter?

⦁ What can replace a hug?

⦁ How important has the issue of trust become? 

⦁ How have you been discussing today's issues with your children? 
Each topic will be discussed by three people and gently guided by a moderator.

This year, participants include entertainer Nikki Crosby, Justice Gillian Lucky, accountant Anthony Pierre, entrepreneur Anthony Bisnath, development strategist Teocah Dove, Wired868 managing director Lasana Liburd and businesswoman Candace Guppy-Sobion.

The event will be live-streamed on the Trini Good Media Facebook page. 
"These aren't panel discussions, they're actual conversations." said TGM co-founder Franka Philip. "The beauty of it is that many of the participants don't know each other and so it will interesting to see how they navigate the art of conversing." 
TGM got involved Conversation Day last year after by British author and international conflict management expert Eddy Canfor-Dumasn invited them to participate.

Canfor-Dumas is one of the leads of The Talking Revolution, an initiative that is dedicated to improving the quality of human connection worldwide.

"We are so happy to be doing Conversation Day again this year, and I think it's very important for us to share what we've learned especially after our lives were so dramatically affected by the pandemic," said Philip. 
She added, "Covid-19 has forced us to confront all kinds of challenges we relegated to the backburner. Things like remote working and using smart technology for education have always been spoken about like pie in the sky ideals but Covid forced us to embrace them really quickly. That said, we're also mindful of uneven outcomes across the board." 
Coonversation Day TT takes place from 2 pm to 6.30 pm, and will be broadcast live from the home of the Bocas Lit Fest at The Writers Centre in St Clair.

Only the participants and a small organising team will be present. TGM stressed that protocols like social distancing, handwashing and sanitisation will be observed.

For more information about Conversation Day TT, visit trinigoodmedia.com or the Trini Good Media Facebook page. 

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