Thursday 26 November, 2020

TTCS goes virtual with Bubbles for Life 2020

Eager crowds gather in a past Bubbles for Life event at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy.

Eager crowds gather in a past Bubbles for Life event at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy.

The Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society (TTCS) is taking this year’s instalment of Bubbles for Life virtual. 

Despite COVID-19 derailing the usual crowds that show up, the Cancer Society and main sponsor for Bubbles, Republic Bank Limited, are proving that there’s a way to be a part of the effort without gathering. 

Chairman of the TTCS, Dr Asante LeBlanc and Senior Official, CSR Management and Strategic Support, Natalie Burnette-Alfred sat down with Loop News to discuss how this year’s event would change. 

Bubbles for Life always marched to the beat of its own drum. When other cancer-related events took place in Port of Spain and in October, they cemented their spot in November at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy with full support from Republic Bank.  

Burnette-Alfred explained that the Bank always saw the value in partnering with such an important cause because they believed in promoting a healthier population. 

“This is really one of our biggest objectives within our ‘Power to Make a Dfifference’ programme which is to support the enhancement of health care and health issues of which key focus is placed on cancer. It’s the reason why we have been the title sponsor for this event for so many years,” she said. 

Despite being online this year, Bubbles remains undaunted. Registrants are encouraged to get moving, even if it means from their homes. Dr Le Blanc says social media will help maintain the spirit of togetherness that Bubbles has become so known for. 

“We chose one day and a specific time; between 2pm and 6pm. So, you can still make it a group thing, a community thing, a family event. 

“Everybody’s coming together, you’re putting up your pictures just flooding social media because that’s the only thing we can do now and that, to me, is togetherness,” she said. 

Adding her own take, Burnette-Alfred said not much has changed within the registration process so the idea of maintaining community is still alive. 

“We still have registration taking place in groups. Within Republic Bank itself, we advertise to our staff and we get the branches involved so they’ll be registering groups of people, some even outside of T&T. 

“We intend to take this to other territories where we’ll get all of our different subsidiaries involved in the event,” she said. 

Overall, the event is a celebration regardless of where the participants will be. 

“It really is all about celebrating life, celebrating survivorship. It’s about educating the importance of screening and early detection against the cancers that we can screen against and it’s about understanding again that cancer is a lifestyle disease and physical activity is key,” Dr Le Blanc said. 

In addition to fundraising, Bubbles for Life also raises awareness. Republic Bank aims to capitalise on that by making sure there’s an avenue to take decisive action. 

“As part of Republic Bank’s social media campaign towards this particular project, we are offering free screenings through the Cancer Society; not only to our staff but to the general public,” Burnette-Alfred explained. 

Bubbles for Life aims to take over social media on November 21.  

Individual registration costs $100. To register, head to their website for more information. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram

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