Tuesday 1 December, 2020

TTPS advises: Report sour 'sou sou' incidents to police

File photo

File photo

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jayson Forde is calling on members of all ‘blessings circles’ and ill-advised 'sou sou' circles to report their experiences to the police. 

A sou sou, traditionally, is an agreement made among a group of people where they all contribute equal amounts of money either months or weekly, in an effort to save money. At the beginning, each person is made aware of when their payment or ‘hand’ will be made and they are expected to continue making their payments until the cycle is up. 

However, an uprise in a new money sharing method disguised as a sou sou has been noticed. Police, the Ministry of Finance and the Financial Intelligence Unit have all come out imploring citizens to stay away. 

Speaking at the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s Weekly Media Briefing, DCP Forde said that despite the uncertainty surround the practice, the police will still try to be of service. 

“Like any other interaction if you enter and are aggrieved and made a report it will be investigated and if persons are found culpable, then we will take the necessary action within the ambits of the law,” he said. 

Various social media users have come out, admitting that they were bamboozled in their sou sou circles.  

Some have even claimed that administrators of the circles have gone missing, taking the members’ money with them. 

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