Tuesday 1 December, 2020

TTPS: Enjoy Carnival, leave your weapons at home

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jayson Forde, is calling on those who are attending Carnival events to leave their weapons, both legal and illegal at home. 

He pleaded with the country at today’s police media briefing; the last one before Carnival Monday and Tuesday. 

“You cannot convince a police officer that you are coming to a Carnival event with a weapon to enjoy yourself. You are coming to cause harm and mayhem and we have zero tolerance on anyone found in possession of a weapon,” he said. 

The policy also covers non-lethal weapons, as Forde assures that the police service will be doing all the necessary protecting. 

“Why spoil your Carnival and find yourself arrested and you do not see the light of day until Ash Wednesday? Carnival is for revellery, Carnival is for fun, Carnival is for freedom of expression. Come, enjoy yourselves and leave your weapons at home,” he pleaded. 

Forde also assured that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has put substantial measures in place to guarantee a safe Carnival. He revealed that revellers can look forward to five tiers of protection from the Task Force, Special Security Agency, Special Operations Response Team, Air Support Unit and other TTPS agencies.  

The TTPS will be providing protection for over 100 events until Ash Wednesday. 

Despite the work they intend to do, Forde is also encouraging the public to use caution when attending public events. He’s advising patrons to refrain from wearing expensive jewelry and is encouraging that patrons move in groups.  

He also called on parents to secure their children and reiterated the need for name tags with parents’ contact information to be put on children in case they are found wandering.  

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