Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Watch: Young slams ‘UNC mischief’, Iranian vessel not allowed here

Minister of National Security, Stuart Young

Minister of National Security, Stuart Young

Minister of National Security, Stuart Young, has once again had to guard himself against what he calls mischief by the opposition United National Congress in the Parliament. 

Questioned by Opposition MP, Ramona Ramdial on the government’s policy on allowing an Iranian ship said to be delivering fuel to make a stop in Trinidad and Tobago’s waters, Young said the government will have nothing to do with the ship’s journey. 

“I will put it very, very clearly on the record that this government will be doing absolutely nothing to facilitate in any way, the passage of any Iranian flagships carrying petroleum products to Venezuela,” he said. 


Going a step further, Young blasted the entertainment of any thought that the government would be party to breaching an agreement made with the United Nations on economic sanctions earlier this year. 

“It is quite wrong, especially for those in this parliament, to give this erroneous impression that we do not comply with UN resolutions and sanctions, which we do and this government continues to abide by UN resolutions,” he added. 

Expressing his disappointment with the claims, Young says the opposition has been making deliberate attempts to sully Trinidad and Tobago’s name as it regards to foreign policies. 

“A deliberate narrative born in the bowels of the UNC opposition to misrepresent this country’s foreign policy to the world,” he said. 

The question comes after media reports that an Iranian fuel vessel could be coming near to Trinidad and Tobago. Both Iran and Venezuela have had heavy sanctioned posed to them, putting Trinidad and Tobago at severe risk if they were to be allowed to dock in our waters. 

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