Monday 28 September, 2020

Watson Duke demands apology from attorney over 'Busshead'

Head of the Progressive Democratic Party, Watson Duke is calling for an apology from attorney Larry Williams over the use of Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin’s ‘Busshead’ in his political advertisement.

In a statement issued Sunday, Duke said the accusations that he misappropriated the song’s music and lyrics are ‘simply not correct’.

His statement is as follows:

‘A release to the Media from J. Larry Williams Attorney-at-law dated 21st August, 2020 has been brought to my attention. In the said letter Mr Williams has accused me of misappropriating the music and lyrics of the hit song Buss Head in my political advertisement and campaign as leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP).’

‘This is simply not correct.’

‘Mr Williams goes on to reference my Facebook page of Thursday, August 20th 2020 – which reproduced short parts of the music and lyrics from the hit song in the form of quotation.’

’Such reproductions are of course permitted by law without authorisation of the owner of copyright.’

‘Mr Williams has unfortunately and wrongly ascribed to me use of the song and lyric for what he has termed my “own nefarious purposes”.’

‘I am prepared to accept an immediate and unequivocal retraction and apology from Mr Williams, on the basis that his use of the word “nefarious” was a slip on his part – and not intended to convey any instructions from his clients or illegality of thought or conduct on my part.’

Duke said the ‘continued absence of any/any proper retraction and apology will result in action being taken against Mr Williams.’

In a letter dated August 21, Machel Montano’s lawyer J. Larry Williams of Virtus Chambers, said Duke did not get approval for use of the music or lyrics to 'Busshead'.

The letter warned that the continued unauthorised use of the song would result in further action.

Duke was accused of using the song during his election campaign and in a political advertisement, in a televised interview and during a Facebook Live on August 20.

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