Friday 4 December, 2020

Young: No deportees yet, but we’re ready

Minister of National Security Stuart Young says that Trinidad and Tobago has not been advised on whether we’ll have nationals deported back home any time soon. 

Addressing the issue at the Ministry of Health’s daily virtual media conference, Young says if it happens, we’ll be ready. 

“We have been preparing, here in Trinidad at National Security, if that happens and we get an influx of deportees into Trinidad, we will be able to deal with them. We have two specific facilities; one that is already up and ready to accept up to 50 persons and there’s another one that I was speaking with the defence force about,” he said. 

The second facility may be able to facilitate up to another 80 people should the need arise. Young says there’s a bit of work to be done at that facility but he’s confident it can be done, should the need arise. 

Despite his preparation, Young says Trinidad and Tobago hasn’t been put on notice for the possible need, but he’ll be finding out where we stand in the near future. 

“We here in Trinidad have not yet had any such communication with us but I will be reaching out to today to the US to see whether there’s any consideration about Trinidad falling into that category,” he said. 

Jamaica, one of the countries who have had their nationals return home as a result of the US’s executive order said that it was a collaborative effort to have them safely return without any hurdles. 

“I was pleased to find out that their experience was a culmination of deportees being sent to Jamaica was at the end of a negotiated process that took some time. I expect us, if we are in the same category to go through the same sort of exercise,” Young explained. 

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