Venezuelan held with USD, TTD and marijuana

Police have held a Venezuelan national with a TT$ 67,000, US$1,320 and a quantity of marijuana. According to a statement issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), officers of the Wes...

December 05, 2019

Mayaro man held with forged currency

A Mayaro man was charged with possession of forged US and local currency and was due to appear before a Mayaro Magistrate on Friday. According to a statement from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Ser...

June 08, 2018

Racehorse jockey charged over US counterfeit

St Joseph police are said to be in the process of charging a 24-year-old Carapo man who was arrested on Tuesday afternoon with a sum of counterfeit US currency amounting to $1,700. Sgt Clifton Thom...

June 07, 2018