One man is said to be warded in a serious condition at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex following a shooting incident on Saturdaynight in Tunapuna. According to police reports, at about 10:00 pm Saturday, residents of Back Street, Tunapuna, heard several loud explosions and upon investigating they found a man lying on the ground in a pool of blood. He appeared to have sustained injuries to his back. The police and emergency health services were immediately notified and the wounded man was rushed for medical treatment. More on this as it becomes available. Get the latest local and international news straight to your mobile phone for free: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on Google Play Store: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on the App Store:

A woman police constable is expected to appearbefore a Scarborough Magistrate after she was arrested on Friday afternoon with a quantity of marijuana. The WPC, who is attached to the Crown Point Police Station, was held during a police exercise by officers of the Organized Crime, Gangs, and Narcotics Unit. The officers executed a search warrant at the woman’s home in Mason Hall, Tobago, in the presence of the WPC and her common-law husband. During a search of the home, a quantity of drugs was found and seized As a result, the two were immediately arrested. More on this as it becomes available Get the latest local and international news straight to your mobile phone for free: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on Google Play Store: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on the App Store:

Ryan Reynolds made a triumphant return to San Diego Comic-Con Saturday to promote the release of a "Deadpool 2" extended cut. "For me, this is a dream come true because you get to release a film theatrically and then in the home entertainment or the DVD version, you get to actually make a completely different movie with every line being different, every joke being different, every, you know, where ever we could. Obviously, there's some overlap between the theatrical and the DVD, but it's a lot of fun because, I don't know, for me it's something I've always wanted to see in any movie," said Reynolds in an interview before speaking to a packed Hall H audience. "This process, just with the guys, you generate all this comedy and like there's so many gems that you have to choose and now we get to show them in a different way," added director David Leitch. He also dropped a few updates about the highly anticipated X-Force film, which will see Deadpool joining forces with other Marvel characters. "I would say probably just a few paces behind nowhere," he joked of the spinoff's progress. "We just finished this! So yeah, like what's below nowhere? Imagine if nowhere had a rearview mirror, OK? I'm kidding. No, no. We're getting it. Drew Goddard is working on that one and we are super excited and, you know, I imagine we're going to put pen to paper sometime when we are into post." Reynolds, who co-wrote "Deadpool 2," confirmed he will have a hand in writing the X-Force movie too. "Hopefully, yeah. Hopefully we all will. Hopefully the whole team will be back. Obviously, this is a group that not only loves working together, but just loves each other. I mean, these guys, Paul I've known for 112 years and we've been friends and we've spent so much time together so we can sort of finish each other's sentences now," he said. Co-star Zazie Beetz had news of her own. The actress, who played Domino in "Deadpool 2," shared her excitement for the upcoming "Joker" movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. "I don't really know what I can or can't say. I am really excited about this project. I think it's gonna be really cool. And it's like gritty and dark and just down my alley in that way. I think it's going to be really good, but I don't think I can say anything," she said. "Spoiler alert! Wow, I feel like I've seen it three times already," joked Reynolds. The popular Deadpool films have made over $1.5 billion worldwide. Reynolds said he still gets a kick out of messing with fans of the franchise. "I always love like driving down the street and like seeing some of the Deadpool bumper stickers in their car or something or their shirt. I just (expletive) roll down the window and say hello. That's always my favorite. Those are fun because they can't, neither of us can figure out what's happening until the moment is totally over, you know? It's a very weird, yeah, it's a weird interaction." He continued: "It's sort of like shock and then suddenly it's over. It's making love while driving, really. It's terrible. Yeah, I don't know. It's just a very strange thing. Those are always my favorite. Yeah, but Comic-Con is always… I usually like just standing out in the hotel watching all the people with the Deadpool suits and the shirts and hats and all that stuff." "Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut" features alternate jokes, extended and deleted scenes. It will be available on blu-ray on Aug. 21. Get the latest local and international news straight to your mobile phone for free: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on Google Play Store: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on the App Store:

Shonda Rhimes's first slate of shows for Netflix includes a look at the migration of African-Americans from the Jim Crow South, romance among wealthy 19th century Londoners and a documentary on Debbie Allen's reimagining of "The Nutcracker." The streaming service on Friday announced eight shows Rhimes and her collaborators at Shondaland are developing. The show about African-American life will be based on Isabel Wilkerson's award-winning book "The Warmth of Other Sons," while the show about London aristocrats is based on Julia Quinn's best-selling romance novels set in Regency England. Other projects include a show based on tech investor Ellen Pao's memoir, a series on California on the eve of the Mexican-American War, and a dark comedy about a troop of teenage girls who survive the apocalypse and want humanity to live by their Sunshine Scouts rules. Pao in 2015 lost a high-profile sex discrimination lawsuit against Silicon Valley venture-capital firm where she had been a partner. Netflix said Pao's experiences "presaged the Time's Up movement." Rhimes, the creator of hit shows such as "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal," signed a multiyear deal to produce Netflix shows last August. No release dates were announced Friday. For the latestnews, download our app at Android; and at IoS.

Photo courtesy the T&T Pride Arts Festival

Emotions were high during a presentation of 'Norman, Is That You?', a monologue presented by playwright Raymond Choo Kong, who plays a father who discovers that his son is gay. This was just one of a series of events put on by the Trinidad and Tobago Pride Arts Festival which aims to provide awareness of and support for the LGBTQI+ community. Committee chairman Rudy Hanamji said the 'Theatre Nights' series focuses on the impact of the LGBTQI+ community on theatre and the arts. "Arguably, the LGBT+ community has made by far the greatest impact on Theatre and the Arts in Trinidad and Tobago – when compared to any one representative group." "This is in part because society has historically pressured young persons to focus on more conventional career paths and unfortunately, singing, dancing, music and art were, and are still deemed the domain of ‘queer’ people or ‘girls’." "Notwithstanding the risk of being perceived as stereotypical, it is a fact that many LGBT+ persons tend to have an inclination for the arts and the dramatic. This is not to say that they have not also excelled in all areas of endeavour from bus-driving to athletics. However, the evidence is clear that once there is a theatrical production, there is more than one ‘gay’ involved." (Photo courtesy T&T Pride Arts Festival) "Such recognition of the contribution of the LGBT+ community to the very soul of the nation and its artforms is the aim of the Trinidad and Tobago Pride Arts Festival (TT Pride), which is hosting ‘Theatre Nights’ as one of the almost 50 activities for TT Pride 2018," he said. Choo Kong's theatrical presentation at the Trinidad and Theatre Workshop on July 3, led to an emotional discussion for some who attended. {"preview_thumbnail":"/sites/default/files/styles/video_embed_wysiwyg_preview/public/video_thumbnails/GboG98gk0DI.jpg?itok=syR4raTh","video_url":"","settings":{"responsive":1,"width":"854","height":"480","autoplay":0},"settings_summary":["Embedded Video (Responsive)."]} "Choo Kong agreed to reprise the role he had played over a decade ago when the play first was produced, of Norman’s Father, who, upon visiting Norman, realizes that his son is gay." "The internal turmoil of the character allowed for an insightful and sometimes emotional discussion among LGBT persons and their parents, for whom the event was built around." "Some parents expressed how their initial feelings of shock quickly wore off given their love for their children, while some children shared that they still have a distant relationship with their parents even years after ‘coming out’ to them." "The sentiment (was felt) that once parents and children communicated and supported one another, in time, they always seem to find their way back and develop strong, open relationships," Hanamji said. The 2nd edition was held on 10th July at Drink Wine Bar and was entitled ‘Acting-UP! – A Brief History of Queer Theatre in Trinidad and Tobago’, directed by another theatre icon, Mervyn DeGoeas and included a well-known cast of local actors and singers. This event explored all 12 of the major LGBT+-themed productions which were either of local of international origin. Many of the original cast members of these were in attendance and gave first-hand accounts of their experience. Acclaimed Actress Cecilia Salazar conceded that it was through some of these productions that she learned about gay culture and the issues surrounding the LGBT+ community. There was standing room only and the audience gave the evening a definite thumbs-up. A 3rd edition – a full theatrical reading of Martin Sherman’s classic Bent – is to be held on Tuesday 17th July at TTW from 7.00 pm. Bent is based on the Nazi treatment of LGBT+ persons during the war and the impact that oppressive and discriminatory legislation (like Germany’s then Paragraph 175 and T&T’s now Sections 13 & 16 of the Sexual Offences Act) can have on persons. This Theatre Night will, like its precursors, also facilitate other goals of TT Pride, which are to document LGBT+ history and build bridges between generations and non-LGBT+ allies. For more information on this and other events leading up to the grand TT Pride Fair & Parade on July 28th at Mandela Park from 10:00 a.m. visit or TT Pride Arts Festival on Facebook. Get the latest local and international news straight to your mobile phone for free: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on Google Play Store: Download the Loop News Caribbean app on the App Store:

Amazon is extending its annual "Prime Day" promotion to 36 hours this year and will try to lure more deal-seekers to the aisles of Whole Foods. Shoppers will have plenty of sales to choose from as other retailers offer promotions to try to take a share of the spending. This year's sales event, which starts Monday afternoon, will be six hours longer than last year's and will launch new products. Amazon hopes to keep Prime attractive for current and would-be subscribers after raising the annual membership fee by 20 percent to $119 and to $12.99 for the month-to-month option. Making Prime Day last even longer "ratchets up the pressure on all of retail" to roll out heavy promotions "in hopes of attracting shoppers and dollars," said Charlie O'Shea, lead retail analyst at Moody's. Macy's, for instance, was promoting a "Black Friday in July" event, and eBay kicked off more than a hundred deals. Prime Day, created by Inc. in 2015 to mark its 20th anniversary, has inspired other e-commerce companies to invent their own shopping holidays. Online furniture seller Wayfair introduced Way Day in April, becoming its biggest revenue day ever. While Prime Day brings in more revenue for Amazon, too, it also helps boost its Prime memberships. It had more sign-ups during 2017's event than any other day in the company's history, Amazon said at the time, without providing specific numbers. Here's a look at what's happening this year: WHOLE FOODS IN THE MIX: The Seattle-based company is offering Prime members who spend $10 at Whole Foods from July 11-17 a $10 Amazon credit to use on Prime Day. And at its more than a dozen Amazon Books stores, discounts will expand beyond devices. IT'S LONGER: After extending the daylong event to 30 hours in 2017, this year's Prime Day will be 36 hours long, starting at 3 p.m. ET Monday. NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES: Several companies have agreed to launch new products on Prime Day, Amazon says. Among them, a Fingerlings unicorn doll whose horn lights up and a Delta kitchen faucet that can be turned on through Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. PRIVATE LABEL PUSH: Amazon has been building its own brands, and it'll be offering deals such as 25 percent off its Rivet furniture brand, which didn't exist a year ago. Other deals include 30 percent off its Mama Bear diapers and baby products. BACK TO SCHOOL: The company is making a big push in school supplies for Prime Day. It says customers bought more pencils, pens, notebooks, glue sticks, lunchboxes and backpacks on Prime Day last year than any other day of the year. MORE COUNTRIES: Amazon has been expanding its Prime membership around the world, and four new countries will be a part of Prime Day this year: Australia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Singapore. Amazon disclosed for the first time this year that it had more than 100 million paid Prime members worldwide.

The name of French soccer player Kylian Mbappe is projected onto the Arc de Triomphe as soccer fans invade the Champs Elysees avenue after France won the soccer World Cup final match between France and Croatia, Sunday, July 15, 2018 in Paris. France won its second World Cup title by beating Croatia 4-2(AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

World Cup, World Cup and more World Cup — that's all France is talking about. "Eternal Happiness" said Monday's headline in sports daily L'Equipe, summing up the mood of many who can't imagine the euphoria will ever fade. France is readying to welcome home the national soccer team for a Monday parade down the Champs-Elysees, where tens of thousands thronged after the team's 4-2 victory over Croatia Sunday. President Emmanuel Macron exulted on the field and in the locker room with the players, and is hoping their victory gives him a boost, too. The French, though, are more enamored of the players, like 19-year-old star Kylian Mbappe, and of their coach, Didier Deschamps, with a parody photo circulating online suggesting renaming Paris' most famous avenue "Deschamps Elysees." Sports Minister Laura Flessel said on Europe-1 radio that the victory allows France's youth — like those in the poor suburbs where many of the players grew up — "to dare to believe in their dreams." The victory glow brightened the Monday morning Paris commute, with young people in cars still shouting in celebration. In the eastern Paris neighborhood of Belleville, with the Eiffel Tower visible in the far distance, Vincent Simon said, "Both teams deserved to win. France won, and that's good for the country, that will do us good for some months." Fellow Parisian Florian Scaven only caught glimpses of the final from the maternity ward with his wife as she had a baby during the final. "We vibrated with the horns in the street. We are happy. Long live France." It was France's second-ever World Cup win, and came at a time when the people feel needy. "It represents enormous things," said Goffrey Hamsik, dressed in a hat resembling a rooster — the French national symbol — and a shirt with the No. 10 for Kylian Mpappe, the breakout star who hails from the Paris suburb of Bondy. "We've had lots of problems in France these past years," he said, recalling deadly terror attacks. "This is good for the morale ... Here, we are all united. We mix. There is no religion, there is nothing, and that's what feels good." Hundreds of police in riot gear were discreetly lined up on side streets to monitor revelers. Typically, celebrations in France end up with some broken shop windows and other destruction, and Sunday was no exception. Tear gas was lobbed at one point on the Champs-Elysees. About 4,000 police watched over the fan zone — packed to its 90,000 capacity — during the match, then moved to the Champs-Elysees and neighboring streets. As night fell, The Eiffel Tower flashed 1998-2018 to mark France's two World Cup titles. The Arc de Triomphe was awash in the national colors, lit with the rooster, the faces of the winning team and the words "Proud to be Blue," or French. The celebrations were spread across the nation.

France's Antoine Griezmann celebrates with his teammate Kylian Mbappe, left, after Paul Pogba scored his side's 3rd goal, during the final match between France and Croatia at the 2018 soccer World Cup in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia, Sunday, July 15, 2018. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

France won its second World Cup title by beating Croatia 4-2 on Sunday in a match briefly interrupted by an on-field protest during the second half that Russian punk band Pussy Riot latertook credit for. Teenage forward Kylian Mbappe scored his fourth goal of the tournament for France and the team's fourth in the 65th minute, about 12 minutes after play resumed at the Luzhniki Stadium. Mbappe, who is 19, is only the second teenager to score in a World Cup final. Pele was 17 when he scored two goals for Brazil in the 1958 final. Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba also scored for the 1998 champions. Ivan Perisic and Mario Mandzukic scored for Croatia. Mandzukic also scored an own-goal, giving France the lead in the 18th minute. Pussy Riot, a Russian punk rock group that rose to global prominence with their daring outdoor performances critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2012, claimed responsibility for the second-half disruption on Twitter.


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