The newly refurbished St Vincent Jetty Lighthouse in Port of Spain once again glows with light, after undergoing renovation works courtesy Beacon Insurance. In a release, the company said it is ...

A Freeport man has appeared before a Couva Magistrate, charged with the murder of his grandfather, Irving Mings, whose body was found stuffed in a barrel in his home. Michael Mings, 26, a musician of Calcutta Road, #2 Freeport, appeared before Senior Magistrate Siumongal Ramsaran at the Couva Magistrates Court on Monday to answer the charge. The matter was adjourned to Monday, November 13. Mings, 87, a pensioner, also ofCalcutta Road, #2 Freeport, was found dead inside a barrel at his home on Friday, October 6. He was previously reported kidnapped and a $100,000 ransom was demanded for his safe return on Wednesday, October 4. Homicide detectives believe he may have been killed between Wednesday, October 4 and Friday, October 6. Post-mortem results attributed the cause of death to asphyxiation. The younger Mings was charged by Vanessa Callendar-Sinclair of Homicide Bureau Investigations, Region 3 on Friday, October 13 after advice was received from Director of Public Prosecutions, Roger Gaspard, SC, on Thursday, October 12.

A 26-year-old woman, who is seven months pregnant, was hospitalized following an attack at her Arima home. The woman, whose identity is being withheld, was chopped in an incident which took place on Thursday morning. According to reports, the woman was at home when at about 11:30 am that day, two men armed with a cutlass stormed the premises. The intruders announced a hold-up and demanded that the woman hand over her valuables. The woman, however, told the assailants that she had no money or anything of real value at the house. One of the men confronted the woman while the other scoured the home for items of value. During the confrontation, the woman screamed, which resulted in the intruder chopping the woman. The two assailants then fled the scene. Neighbours who heard the commotion and notified the police, and the wounded woman was rushed to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. Her injuries, police said, were thankfully not life-threatening. Investigators are hoping to secure surveillance footage from the area to assist in identifying the suspects. More on this as it becomes available.

The Weinstein Co., besieged by sexual harassment allegations against its namesake and co-founder, may be putting itself up for sale. The company said Monday that it will receive an immediate cash infusion from Colony Capital and is in negotiations for the potential sale of all or a significant portion of the company responsible for producing films such as "Django Unchained," ''The Hateful Eight" and "Lion." Colony Capital, the private-equity arm of Colony NorthStar, was founded by Thomas Barrack, a close adviser to President Donald Trump. Barrack chaired Trump's presidential inaugural committee. Harvey Weinstein was fired last week by the film production company he helped create. The allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Weinstein span decades and include many of the film industry's leading actresses. The backlash has been severe as more women go public with their interactions with Weinstein. Law enforcement in the U.S. and Europe are taking a new look at past allegations. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has revoked his membership, as has the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Amazon Studios, the growing film arm of Amazon, cut ties with the Weinstein company last week. Robert De Niro, Julianne Moore and director David O. Russell scrapped an untitled Amazon Studios series that was being produced by The Weinstein Co. Showtime has threatened to pull out of an Oliver Stone drama in development, "Guantanamo," because Weinstein Co. is a producer. Word of a potential sale comes just three days after Bob Weinstein, who helped found the company with his brother, Harvey, said that a sale was not an option. "We are pleased to invest in The Weinstein Company and to help it move forward," Colony said Monday. "We will help return the company to its rightful iconic position in the independent film and television industry." The list of women alleging harassment and assault by Harvey Weinstein continues to grow. More than 30 women, including actresses Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd and Gwyneth Paltrow — have spoken out.

The Latest on sexual assault and harassment allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein (all times local): 2:30 a.m. Actress Alyssa Milano is getting thousands of responses on Twitter to her request that people reply to her on the social network with "me too" if they have been sexually harassed or assaulted. Milano, 44, received "me, too" responses from "Will and Grace" star Debra Messing and Anna Paquin, the Oscar-winning actress from New Zealand. Milano says on her Twitter account that she got the idea from a friend. Milano says her friend told her such a tweet "might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem." In another tweet that links to a blog post, Milano, who was one of the stars of the long-running sitcom "Who's the Boss," writes the following about film producer Harvey Weinstein: "While I am sickened and angered over the disturbing accusations of Weinstein's sexual predation and abuse of power, I'm happy - ecstatic even - that it has opened up a dialogue around the continued sexual harassment, objectification and degradation of women. " ___ 8:20 p.m. French President Emmanuel Macron says that he wants to revoke Harvey Weinstein's Legion of Honor award over the multiple accusations of sexual assault and harassment against the Hollywood titan. Macron said in a national television interview on Sunday that he has "started the procedures" for such a removal. Weinstein was given the prestigious French award in 2012 by then-President Nicolas Sarkozy after the French film "The Artist" won multiple Oscars. Weinstein's company produced the film. Macron also says he wants to speed up the legal procedures for investigating and prosecuting sexual harassment to encourage more women to come forward. French actresses are among those who have accused Weinstein of sexual wrongdoing. Legion of Honor titles are given to a wide range of French people and foreigners. Another American is among the few people to have lost the distinction: disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong. ___ 3:40 p.m. British police are investigating three new allegations of sexual assault against film producer Harvey Weinstein, all made by the same woman. London's Metropolitan Police force said Sunday that the woman reported being assaulted in London in 2010, 2011 and 2015. The force said officers from its Child Abuse and Sexual Offenses Command are investigating. The woman's name has not been made public. The force also did not name Weinstein, in keeping with its policy of not identifying suspects who have not been charged. But it said the allegations involve a man against whom another accusation was made Wednesday. That alleged assault is reported to have taken place during the late 1980s. British actress Lysette Anthony says she reported to police on Wednesday that Weinstein raped her in her London home in the late 1980s.

When it comes to babies, many people are often reduced to mush, especially in the way they speak. They adopt a sing-songy, high pitched way of talking that a new study has deemed important in a baby’s development. The study, published in Current Biology, looks at the way mothers consistently alter the way they speak when communicating with infants. The study studied the timbre of a mother’s voice, which is the qualityofasound, independentofpitchandloudness. “Timbre enables us to discriminate, recognise, and enjoy a rich variety of sounds from friends’ voices and animal calls to musical textures. A characteristic of the speech spectrum that depends on the resonant properties of the larynx, vocal tract, and articulators, vocal timbre varies widely across people,” the study said. Twenty-four mothers participated in this study and were recorded using their natural speech while they spoke to their infants and to an adult interviewer. During the recorded session, half of the mothers spoke only English and the other half spoke only a non-English language, which was the dominant language used at home. Nine different languages including Spanish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, German, French, Hebrew, Mandarin and Cantonese were used. The study proves that when speaking to their babies, mothers, regardless of language, do change their tone and pitch which helps babies learn to identify their mothers’ voices from birth. Mothers spoke in a higher pitch, more varied pitch, had longer pauses, shorter utterances, and more repetition. “Infants’ abilities to classify and remember timbre suggest that it could be partly responsible for their early ability to recognise IDS and their own caregivers’ voices. Both identification processes are likely to provide relevant input for further learning about the ambient language and the social environment. Because timbre contributes greatly to the rapid identification of sound sources and the grouping of auditory objects, it likely serves as an early and important cue to be associatively bound to other sensory features (e.g., a sibling with her voice, a dog with its bark). The developmental time course of this process invites future investigation,” the study concluded. These findings, said the authors, has long-reaching consequences especially when it comes to the development of software designed to develop communication skills. “Understanding how caregivers naturally alter their vocal timbre to accommodate children’s unique communicative needs could have wide-ranging impact, from improving speech recognition software to improving education. For instance, our use of summary statistics could enable speech recognition algorithms to quickly and automatically identify infant-directed speech (and in the future, perhaps a diverse range of speech modes) from just a few seconds of data. This would support ongoing efforts to develop software that provides summary measures of natural speech in infants’ and toddlers’ daily lives through automatic vocalisation analysis.”

Parents may beuncomfortableinitiating “the sex talk,” but whether they want to or not, parents teach their kids about sex and sexuality. Kids learn early what a sexual relationship looks like. Broaching the topic of sex can be awkward. Parents may not know how to approach the topic in an age-appropriate way, they may be uncomfortable with their own sexuality or they may fear “planting information” in children'sminds. Parental influence is essential tosexual understanding, yet parents’approaches, attitudes and beliefs in teaching their children are still tentative. The way a parent touches a child, the language a parent uses to talk about sexuality, the way parents express their own sexuality and the way parents handle children’s questions all influence a child’s sexual development. We are researchers of intimate relationship education. We recently learned through surveying college students that very few learned about sex from their parents, but those who did,reported a more positive learning experience than from any other source, such as peers, the media and religious education. The facts of modern life Children are exposed to advertising when they’re as young as six months old – even babies recognise business logos. Researcher and media activist Jean Kilbourne, internationally recognised for her work on the image of women in advertising, has said that “Nowhere is sex moretrivializedthan in pornography, media and advertising.” Distorted images leave youth with unrealistic expectations about normal relationships. Long before the social media age, a 2000 study found that teenagers see143 incidents of sexual behaviouron network television at primetime each week; few represented safe and healthy sexual relationships. The media tend to glamorise, degrade and exploit sexuality andintimate relationships.Mediaalso model promiscuity and objectification of women and characterize aggressive behaviours as normal in intimate relationships. Violence and abuse are the chilling but logical result of female objectification. While there is no consensus as to acritical levelof communication, we do know that some accurate, reliable information aboutsexreduces risky behaviours. If parents are uncomfortable dealing with sexual issues, those messages are passed to their children. Parents who can talk with their children about sex can positively influence theirchildren’s sexual behaviours. Can’t someone else do this for me? Sex education in schools may provide children with information about sex, but parents’ opinions are sometimes at odds with what teachers present; some advocate for abstinence-only education, while others might prefer comprehensive sex education. The National Education Association developed theNational Sexual Health Standardsfor sex education in schools, including age-appropriate suggestions for curricula. Children often receivecontradictory informationbetween their secular and religious educations, leaving them to question what to believe about sex and sometimes confusing them more. Open and honest communication about sex in families can help kids make sense of the mixed messages. Parents remain the primary influences on sexual development in childhood, with siblings and sex education as close followers. During late childhood, a more powerful force –peer relationships– takes over parental influences that are vague or too late in delivery. Even if parents don’t feel competent in their delivery ofsexual information, children receive and incorporateparental guidancewith greater confidence than that from any other source. Engaging in difficult conversations establishes trust and primes children to approach parents with future life challenges. Information about sex is best received from parents regardless of the possibly inadequate delivery. Parents are strong rivals of other information sources. Teaching about sex early and often contributes to a healthy sexual self-esteem. Parents may instil a realistic understanding of healthy intimate relationships. Getting started So how do you do it? There is no perfect way to start the conversation, but we suggest a few ways here that may inspire parents to initiate conversations about sex, and through trial and error, develop creative ways of continuing the conversations, early and often. Several age-appropriate books are available that teach about reproduction in all life forms –“It’s Not the Stork,”“How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex”and“Amazing You!: Getting Smart About Your Body Parts”. Watch TV with children. Movies can provide opportunities to ask questions and spark conversation with kids about healthy relationships and sexuality in the context of relatable characters. Demonstrate openness and honesty about values and encourage curiosity. Allow conversations to emerge around sexuality at home – other people having children, animals reproducing or anatomically correct names for body parts. Access sex education materials such as theNational Sexual Health Standards. The goal is to support children in developing healthy intimate relationships. Seek support in dealing with concerns about sex and sexuality. Break the cycle of silence that is commonplace in many homes around sex and sexuality. Parents are in a position to advocate for sexual health by communicating about sex with their children, early and often. This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article here:

London's skies were coloured in hues of murky orange, as the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia slammed into the British Isles, killing at least three people in Ireland. Londoners and visitors took in the eerie sights, as streets and landmarks were bathed in orange light. Although Ophelia has been downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone, Ireland's National Emergency Coordination Group on Severe Weather warned that the storm is still "unprecedented, with serious life-threatening conditions." Ireland's weather service, Met Eireann, described the storm as the most powerful on record to have ever been this far east in the Atlantic. Forecasters warned of flying debris, such as tiles blown from roofs. Large waves around coastal districts tossed sand and rocks onto coastal roads, seafronts, and properties. Wind warnings were in place for Northern Ireland, parts of Wales and western parts of England. Planes were grounded at several locations in the British Isles.

A Maltese investigative journalist who had exposed her island nation's links with the so-called Panama Papers document leak was killed on Monday when a bomb destroyed her car as she was driving near her home, Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said. Daphne Caruana Galizia, 53, had just driven away from her home in Mosta, a town outside Malta's capital Valletta, when the bomb exploded, sending the vehicle's wreckage spiraling over a wall and into a field. Muscat says her death resulted from a "barbaric attack" that also assaulted freedom of expression. He described the slain journalist as "was one of my harshest critics, on a political and personal level," as he denounced the attack as "unacceptable" violence. Caruana Galizia was named by Politico as among the 28 Europeans who are "shaping, shaking and stirring" Europe. She had exposed that Muscat's wife, Michelle, as well as Muscat's energy minister and the government's chief-of-staff, held companies in Panama by looking into the 2016 document leak. Muscat and his wife deny they held such companies. (Photo L-R: Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and journalist Caruana Galizia.) Opposition leader Adrian Delia called the killing a "political murder." Caruana Galizia had been sued for libel because of various articles she wrote on her blog "Running Commentary," and she had filed a report with the police two weeks ago that she was receiving threats. Monday evening's Parliament session was scrapped, except for briefings about the bombing scheduled to be given by Muscat and Delia, the opposition leader. In June, Muscat was sworn in for a second term as prime minister following snap elections he had called to reinforce his government as the Panama Papers' leak indicated his wife owned an offshore company. The couple deny wrongdoing. The leak exposed the identities of the rich and powerful around the world with offshore holdings in Panama.

CARIFESTA XIII Literary Signal Event, Word for Word.

Fighting words, soothing words, funny words - the 'Word for Word' Literary Signal Event of CARIFESTA XIII had it all. Patrons came out to the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium on Tuesday night to lend an ear to contemporary West Indian writers who paid homage to literary icons who inspired them. Barbadian novelist, Karen Lord, led the discussion on 'In The Castle of My Skin' by George Lamming. Lord’s writes on fantasy and science fiction and her latest publication, 'The Galaxy Game', used the theme of alienation and migration to draw a parallel to two novels. During her reading, Lord said her writing explores a new vision of the region, not limited by geographical or physical location but rather extends out to include the entire Diaspora. In that way, where ever Caribbean people migrate, they will always be home. Jamaican novelist and story writer, Olive Senior, sang the praises of Claude McKay during her reading. Senior explained she often felt conflicted, as a young writer, because it was viewed astaboo at the time to tackle topics about life in rural Jamaica. However being led by McKay’s work, she said shefelt a sense of affirmation that she could address these topics in her writing. Renowned Barbadian poet, Kamau Brathwaite was recognised by Jamaican writer, lecturer and blogger, Kei Miller. The pairing of the two writers, Miller and Brathwaite, was literary brilliance and made the reading one of the highlights of the night. Miller spoke on the need to draw inspiration from great writers saying “only mediocre writers try to be original”. Miller read from Brathwaite’s “Stone for Mikey Smith”, a poem about a Jamaican poet who was stoned to death during a political rally. By the time Miller completed his reading the hearts of the audience were all mourning for Mikey Smith. Another highlight of the event was the tribute paid to the late Austin “Tom” Clarke with readings from three of his works, ‘Growing up Stupid Under the Union Jack’, ‘The Polished Hoe’ and ‘Pigtails and Breadfruit’. The event closed with the launch of one of Kamau Brathwaite’s latest publication ‘Strange Fruit’. The collection of poems, drawn from the Billie Holiday song, focuses on the experience of cultural lynching Brathwaite felt when he resided in New York and how he resettled in Barbados to escape it.


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September 10, 2017

Uncovered The Web Series Premiere (Season 4)

It's here everyone! How much of a fan are you to the Uncovered Series :) This year two talents perform their acoustic versions of a popular 2017 Soca Song!

We also have some LIVE SHOWS happening in association with the premieres of each episode as well where all the talents will have an opportunity to perform for you! Stay Tuned to this event page for updates on all that's happening. 

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October 22, 2017


This is not your granny's tea party. Raise the volume on breast cancer awareness. Tables of ten carry a minimum donation of $6,500 including your donation to breast cancer awareness activities and cancer charities in Trinidad and Tobago, food, and beverages. Groups smaller than ten, will be accommodated at a shared table. 

While touches of pink required in your outfit, everyone is welcome. Real men also wear pink so please #bringit

For those interested, each table has the opportunity to showcase at least one MUSE to bring the theme (VOLUME) to life with fashion, colour, hair, makeup or more. Muses will have set arrival time for media coverage.

Guests who wish to support without being photographed or showcased are also welcome. #bringthelove

DM for tickets. 
All proceeds to the TT Cancer Society.