Photo: Blanchisseuse Turtle Group

Turtle conservationists are concerned about increasing levels of seaweed around the nation's coastlines before the start of the turtle nesting season. Turtle conservation group the Las Cuevas Ec...

The Fantasy crew brought their signature glamour and glitz to the Savannah stage on Carnival Tuesday, complete with bevies of beauties and lots of fun. The theme for this year, 'Isle of Olympia' showed lots of feathers, beads, gems and sparkle. Vide the footage below:

Tribe's Carnival vibe continued as revellers crossed the Socadrome stage on Carnival Tuesday. Celebrating the theme 'Once Upon a Dream, revellers stamped, wined, and bounced across the stage to their heart's content. View the video below:

A terrified family was seen running away from their car after two men appeared to attack them, in a video which has gone viral online. The video, which appeared to have been dated February 15, showed the men approaching the car and pushing the occupants out. A woman and children were then seen running away from the vehicle in fear. The location of the incident is not yet known. Anyone with information on this incident is urged to contact the police on 555, 999 or 800-TIPS.

A bulletproof vest was among several illegal items seized on Friday night during police exercises by officers of the North Eastern Division. The exercises were supervised by Snr Sup Sagramsingh, with assistance from ASP Sooker, Sgt Guelmo, Cpl Majeed, and Cpl Lavia, among several others. During the course of the night, officers executed several search warrants in the Morvant, Barataria, and El Socorro districts. During these searches, the officers seized one .38mm pistol along with several packets of marijuana, some of which had been packaged for quick sale. As a result of these finds several persons were arrested. Inquiries are continuing

NGO leader Zahir Ali said he was hurt by the response of one man who, after promising to donate materials for two children, withdrew his promise because the girls were not of the same religion. In a post to Facebook, Ali, who heads the Hope for Life Foundation, said the man's response was disappointing as the two girls, aged seven and eight, are very poor and without a proper home.Ali said the children do not even have television and it's unlikely that they have ever visited a shopping mall, cinema or KFC. "I honestly try not to do any Facebook post pertaining with negativity but I am so hurt this evening by a certain individual who made a pledge to assist (the two girls). I am so upset that I am questioning myself, are we really believers in God?" "(These two girls) do not have the privilege to enjoy the comfort and luxury as many children...There is no television or remote game. There is no shops close by; transportation is a story by itself and I am positive they never visited a mall, cinema or KFC." "I am so disappointed that a gentleman will call and make a pledge towards the galvanize for the house we at HFLF together with Couva Talparo Tabaquite Regional Corporation is building for this family and this afternoon questioned me about the religion these two innocent children belongs too and when I gave my reply he decided to withdraw his pledge because the children do not belong to his religion." "I am left speechless, hurt, angry just wish I could have given him the reply I wanted too but I abstained because I am better than that," he said. Ali said his group is not aligned withany religion and condemned the donor who refused to help the girls, who live in Brasso Venado and do not have a proper home to live in. "This humanitarian service we at Hope for Life Foundation are not aligned to any religion or race. This free service is for all of humanity. It does not matter what political party you belongtoo, who you pray too, your ethnicity or the colour of your skin. "This is why we will not be happy and remain living in this gloomy society. Can you imagine because of religion you will deprive yourself from helping two innocent little girls? This is where we have reached," he said. Ali is asking for contributions or cash of materials toward building a home for the girls. A list of the material needed is as follows: OUTSTANDING - 2 by 4 by 12 – 8 Lengths 1 by 4 by 12 – 8 Lengths 1 by 8 by 12 – 5 Lengths 2 by 4 by 14 – 14 Lengths 1 by 4 by 14 – 20 Lengths Galvanize Sheets – 12 Sheets Ringe Cap – 3 Lengths Flashing – 9 Lengths Screws Assorted (Roofing/Tech Point 20 Lbs.) 32 by 80 Aluminum Door Frame – 2 36 by 80 Aluminum Door Frame – 2 Should you be willing to donate items from the above-mentioned list or make a financial contribution contact the Hope for Life Foundation on731-0306/ 296-5120 or any of the following persons: Zahir Ali: 756-9846 Dark Wraith (Dave): 741-4057 Ryan Kamal: 462-4332 Therese Lisa Ali: 785-5264 Shastine Mohammed: 683-0350 Dianne Jobity: 723-6329 Glenda Rampersad: 729-4300 Sabita Balrup-Singh: 309-7663

If you were impressed by thefierce female warriors of Wakanda in the recently releasedBlack Pantherfilm, you'll be pleased to know that these Amazonian warriors existed in real life. TheDora Milaje, who protect King T’Challa in the film, can be compared to thevaliant Dahomey Amazons, a tribe of elite warrior women feared across West Africa, who existed from as early as the 17th century up until the early 20th century. In The 'Amazons' of Dahomey by Robin Law, the women inhabited the kingdom of Dahomey, now known as the Republic of Benin, and were recruited while married as virgin wives to their king. (Photo: Messy Nessy Chic) These women commanded the highest respect and were so fierce, they were feared by all who knew them, even the French, who expanded into their territory in the 1890s. Writer Stanley Alpern said these warriors were often preceded by a slave girl carrying a bell, which told every male to get out of their way. To touch any of these women meant death. Customary battle tactics included beheading their enemies, often returning with the heads and genitals of their opponents. (Photo: Smithsonian Magazine) According to a report by Smithsonian Magazine, unlike other armed female forces, the Dahomey Amazons were not simply bodyguards but actively went to war many times, and fought to the death. “What made Dahomey’s women warriors unique was that they fought, and frequently died, for king and country.” “Even the most conservative estimates suggest that, in the course of just four major campaigns in the latter half of the 19th century, they lost at least 6,000 dead, and perhaps as many as 15,000. In their very last battles, against French troops equipped with vastly superior weaponry, about 1,500 women took the field, and only about 50 remained fit for active duty by the end.” By the 1840s, the number of Amazons grew to as many as 6,000 women. When at last the female amazons succumbed to French forces in the 19th century, they were praised for their bravery. A French Foreign Legionnaire named Bern lauded them as “warrioresses… fight with extreme valor, always ahead of the other troops. They are outstandingly brave … well trained for combat and very disciplined.” A French Marine, Henri Morienval, thought them “remarkable for their courage and their ferocity… flung themselves on our bayonets with prodigious bravery.” Indeed, during the First Franco-Dahomean War, Dahomean Amazons exacted their revenge against the French by substituting themselves for Dahomeanwomen as prisoners, allowing themselves to be bedded by their French captors, then slitting their throats. Although the Dahomean Amazons are no more, their legacy of bravery, ferocity and skill, lives on.


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January 20, 2018

NAMDEVCO Farmer's Market - Trinidad

Get down to your local farmer's market for great deals on locally grown produce.

Namdevco Farmers' Markets have produce, fresh, fresh, fresh from the field to you.

Come meet your farmer this weekend at Farmers' Markets across Trinidad.


Listing of Namdevco Farmers' Markets across Trinidad:

Every Saturday 6am – noon

Chaguanas – MALF Head Office, Endeavour

Diego Martin – End St. Lucien Rd, Patna Village


Every Sunday 6am – noon

Debe – Southern Wholesale Market

Macoya – Norris Deonarine Northern Wholesale Market


Every Other Friday

San Fernando – City Square Harris Promenade (11am – 5pm)

Friday 19th January and Every Other Friday

Rio Claro – Koskeros Panyard (7am – 1pm)

Friday 26th January and Every Other Friday


Every Other Saturday 6am - noon

Queen’s Park Savannah – Paved Area East of Grand Stand

Saturday 20th January and Every Other Saturday

Santa Cruz – San Juan North Secondary School, Basketball Court

Saturday 27th January and Every Other Saturday