Carnival may be over in Trinidad and Tobago but it is now gearing up in other islands which always sparks a debate about the quality of our offerings. With claims from many quarters that Carnival 2019 was a success,Looptthas joined forces with the Trini Good Media team of Franka Philip and Ardene Sirjoo to review the season past and examine a few areas to determine what worked, what failed and what we can improve upon. In this first installment, we talk about fete management with Paige De Leon of the Fete Promoters Association, Jules Sobion of Caesar's Army and Brevard Nelson, President of the St Mary's College Past Student's Association. A lengthier version of this discussion will be available soon on TGM's podcast. Thanks to Uncorked for providing the location.

The V Band is a new concept from carnival entrepreneur Kandi King.

Kandi King is on a mission to become the go-to person for all things Carnival. And with her new concept, she has just taken a giant leap to fulfill her mission. King, a Jamaican national who runs a Carnival concierge service called Karnival by Kandi, has created a new line of stockings that many Carnivalistas probably didn’t know they wanted but would surely need. The unique aspect of her stockings is that they are made with V-shaped waistbands, which makes them the ideal accessory for miniscule bikini bottoms without the waistband showing. A Director for the Xaymaca band,King was actually inspired to make her V Band stockings, a design she has registered with the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office, after attending Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago this year. Kandi King “I was looking at photos after Carnival and every photo I saw the waistbands showing. I said this is a problem, why isn’t the waistband in a V so the waistline isn’t showing?” she said. She did some sketches and shopped around for a supplier until she found one who agreed to do it. The first batch is yet to land in Jamaica ahead of Carnival on April 28 but already, King has orders from all over the world. “The demand has gone through the roof…I am a little bit surprised…people from all over the world are messaging, the demand is way more than I could supply right now,” she told Loop. The stockings come in five colours to match different skin tones. There is the Kaviar, the darkest shade, Kookie, which she described as an in-between colour, Kandi, which matches her shade and Kupcake and Koral which are lighter shades. The stockings would only be available in one size for now. King said Jamaica Carnival would be her testing ground as she assesses how well the stockings hold up before she tweaks to include bigger sizes, other colours, and patterns. For now, only fishnets, which are hugely popular for the Carnival, would be available. King said she never had her eyes on producing accessories but this has certainly stirred something in her and opened opportunities to do even more. She said with Carnival in Jamaica expanding, the market for accessories and other Carnival products is growing with more people seeing commercial opportunities in the festival. Check out Kandi King's stockings on Instagram at@stocKINGbyKandi

Police were kept busy overnight, after several murders were recorded in Laventille, Santa Cruz, Tunapuna and La Horquetta. In the latest incident, a 36-year-old man was shot and killed in La Horquetta. He has been identified as Patrick Aaron of Sylvia Hunte Avenue, La Horquetta. According to reports, around 1:15 am on Monday, first responders proceeded to Sylvia Hunte Avenue, after receiving a report of a shooting incident. Upon arrival, they observed a gathering of persons along a track. There, they observed the body of the victim along the track gunshot wounds to his chest and right leg. The man’s common law wife told police Aaron left home around 12:30 am to go a nearby parlour to buy cigarettes. Shortly thereafter she heard explosions and upon checking found him dead. A DMO visited the scene and ordered the removal of the deceased pending a post-mortem examination.

Updated at 4:30 pm The body of a man was discovered floating at the Port of Brighton in La Brea on Monday. According to a release from the National Energy Corporation, around 8:45 this morning, security at the Port of Brighton, noticed what appeared whatappeared to be a body floating in the vicinity of Berth 3. It said all necessary agencies were contacted including Customs and Excise, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and the Trinidad and Tobago CoastGuard. The Corporation added that operations on Berth 3 have been temporarily halted. National Energy owns and operates the Port of Brighton. Original Story A body of an unidentified man was found floating in waters off La Brea on Monday. According to police reports, around 9 am workers on an oil ship observed the body of a man floating in La Brea waters near the Industrial Estate. The police were notified and the Coast Guard was contacted to retrieve the body. The man is believed to be in his 30’s and was wearing a brown t-shirt and a brown pants. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

The stinking toe (PHOTO: iStock)

Stinking toeis the fruit of the West Indian Locust, one ofthe largest trees in the Caribbean. The fruit is held within a large brown pod that is shaped somewhat like a toe and, when the shell of the pod is broken, a repugnant odour is released - hence the name, stinking toe. The fruit and the tree it grows on are botanically known as Hymenaea courbaril. The stinking toe shell of the pod is very hard and is about five centimeters thick.Within the shell is a cream-coloured, powdery flesh. The texture is very dense and dry and the flavour is sweet, like powdered sugar. The bark, leaves and flowers of the West Indian Locust tree have long been consumed by indigenous tribes in the South American, Brazilian, Peruvian, and Central American rainforest, particularly the Karaja Indians and the Creole of Guyana. In Jamaica, the stinking toe is a largely underrated delicacy, with lots ofnutritional andmedicinal benefits. The fruit is very low in calories, and high in carbohydrates. It hasbeen said to be an appetite enhancer, and an aphrodisiac. Itis high in vitamin A and iron, and studies done on the flesh of the fruit show that it has antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Outside of tropical Mexico, Central and South America, stinking toe trees grow in Jamaica and in some of the Caribbean islands. The trees are also grown by some rare and tropical fruit growers in Southern California. Some of this information was taken

From left: Simon Baptiste, CEO Question Mark Entertainment, Nichol Narwani Daniel, Director Dream Big Foundation, Marsha Caballero, VP Corporate Communications, TSTT and Carolyn Pasea Pogson, MD, Question Mark Entertainment.

Since its inception, the Dream Big Foundation has created opportunities for creatives to mentor and learn with some of the best in the business abroad. Now, the Foundation is expanding its reach with the Bmobile Dream Big Career Expo and Conference on May 3 and 4 designed to help young people find their career path. Speaking at the launch of the event on Wednesday at Queen’s Park Oval, Simon Baptiste, Chief Executive Officer of Question Mark Entertainment, founders of the Dream Big Foundation, said the Career Expo and Conference won’t guarantee a dream job but it will be a conduit for those who dream big. He said the conference is expected to draw over 3000 students from across Trinidad and Tobago while the Expo is expected to attract about 5000 people. The event will be held at the Centre of Excellence in Macoya, which Baptiste said is the size needed to accommodate the audience they are hoping to attract and gives them a chance to move out of Port-of-Spain to capture attention in the East. The Dream Big Expo and Conference is a spin-off of Decibel, the annual Entertainment Festival for teenagers. The Dream Big Expo and Conference will cater for a 16 to 35 demographic. Baptiste said they always had plans to be more than an entertainment company and the Dream Big Foundation was created to engineer change. Nicole Narwani Daniel, Dream Big Foundation Director, said through their school tours in which over 100 schools were visited, they got to learn about young people and realised many of them do not know what is there for them. The event, she said, will expose attendees to a variety of careers and not just those in the entertainment field. She revealed that some of the vendors at the Expo will be coming with the intention to recruit job seekers. Baptiste said they are aiming to create an expo space that is energising and exciting and he urged vendors to find a fun way to demonstrate what they offer. The Dream Big Expo and Conference is sponsored by Bmobile, the title sponsor, Republic Bank, One Caribbean Media, and LJ Williams Limited. Entry to the Expo is $100 but students who pre-register on the Dream Big website by April 30 will receive free admittance.

The photograph was taken by park ranger Mathieu Shamavu at the Virunga National Park in DR Congo.

A photograph of two gorillas posing for a selfie has gone viral. It was taken by park ranger Mathieu Shamavuat the Virunga National Park in DR Congo. In a Facebook post, the Park said it had received dozens of messages about the photo. It confirmed that the photo is real, that most primates are comfortable walking upright. “You might have recently seen caretakers Mathieu and Patrick’s amazing selfie with female orphaned gorillas Ndakazi and Ndeze inside the Senkwekwe center at Virunga National Park. We’ve received dozens of messages about the photo. YES, it’s real! Those gorilla gals are always acting cheeky so this was the perfect shot of their true personalities! Also, it’s no surprise to see these girls on their two feet either—most primates are comfortable walking upright (bipedalism) for short bursts of time,” the Virunga National Park said. It added that the animals are in an enclosed sanctuary for orphans and noted that it is never permitted to approach a gorilla in the wild. “We want to emphasize that these gorillas are in an enclosed sanctuary for orphans to which they have lived since infancy. The caretakers at Senkwekwe take great care to not put the health of the gorillas in danger. These are exceptional circumstances in which the photo was taken. It is never permitted to approach a gorilla in the wild.”

The time is drawing near for the impending royal birth of the first child for Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

The time is drawing near for the impending birth of the first child for Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. The couple is keeping many details about Meghan's pregnancy and birth plan private and say they don't know the baby's gender yet. Here are some key points about what will be the latest addition to the world's most famous royal family. HOW WILL WE HEAR ABOUT THE BABY? Kensington Palace says the press and the public will be informed when Meghan goes into labor. Harry has resented the often-intrusive coverage of the royals by the British press and he has toned down expectations for what information will be released about the new baby. That means the public won't be told where Meghan plans to give birth. Some observers think she will opt for a home birth away from prying eyes at a hospital. Queen Elizabeth II, Harry's grandmother, had all her children at home but Harry's brother Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, opted to give birth in a central London hospital. Harry and Meghan have also indicated they won't be posing on the hospital steps with their newborn hours after the baby has arrived, breaking with the pattern set by William and Kate. They have indicated it will be several days before they show the baby to the world. Kate was both praised and trolled for how glamorous she looked greeting the world's press just hours after each of her three babies' births. WILL THE BABY GROW UP TO BE A KING OR QUEEN? The baby will be seventh in line for the throne, making it very unlikely that he or she will grow up to be the British monarch. The current heir is Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II's 70-year-old son. He is followed by William and William's three young children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Next comes the new baby's father, Prince Harry, and then the newborn. WILL THE BABY AT LEAST BE A PRINCE OR A PRINCESS? This won't happen automatically. It's really up to the queen to decide, although Harry and Meghan may also have a say. A decree issued by King George V in 1917 limits the number of grand royal titles in a way that would make Harry and Meghan's baby known as a "Lord" or a "Lady" rather than as a prince or princess. They would not become "his royal highness" or "her royal highness" under the current rules. The queen has the authority, however, to intervene as she did when future king William and his wife Kate started having children. The queen decreed that all of William and Kate's children, not just the eldest, would be princes and princesses. She could do the same for Harry and Meghan's offspring, but the queen's feelings on that subject have not been made public. It is also possible that Harry and Meghan could decide they don't want the special designation for the baby, in order to give their child a more normal upbringing. WHAT WILL THEY NAME THE BABY? London's savvy legal bookmakers believe the baby is likely to be a girl. They had to close betting on the name due to the heavy volume of bets favoring a baby girl. Many believe that a baby girl would be named Diana, after Harry's late mother, Princess Diana, who died in a Paris car crash in 1997. Royal babies often get several names so it's possible that Diana could end up as a middle name. Other names seen as quite possible include Victoria, Alice, Grace and Elizabeth. If it's a boy, speculation abounds that he would be named Albert, Arthur or James. Meghan is feminist and some believe she could name a girl Eleanor after both Eleanor Roosevelt, the former U.S. first lady who was a champion of women's rights and civil rights, and Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen of England in the 12th century. WILL THE BABY BE AMERICAN? Meghan is an unusual addition to the royal family because she is an American citizen born to a white father and an African-American mother. Palace officials said at the time of her engagement to Harry that she planned to eventually become British, a process that can take several years. She and Harry could decide to pursue American citizenship for their baby, so the child could end up having dual British and American nationality. That would give the baby the right to live and work in the United States without needing a visa in the future — and spare him or her the lengthy entry procedures that often face foreign visitors arriving at U.S. airports. Meghan has not indicated whether she plans to give up her American status once she has British nationality — a decision that could have an impact on her tax liabilities but something she is not forced to do by British law. WILL THE BABY HAVE RED HAIR? Harry is one of the most famous redheads in the world — "a ginger" in British lingo. The baby's hair color comes down to genetics. Harry is 100% redhead but it is not known if Meghan has a recessive redhead gene. Geneticists say there is a 50 percent chance the baby will have red hair if Meghan carries a recessive red-haired gene and no chance at all if she does not carry that gene.