Police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating a 16-year-old girl reported missing from Carapichaima. According to reports, Niomi Antione of Orange Field Road, Carapichaima, was last see...

A police exercise in Marabella on Sunday led to the discovery of a revolver at an empty lot. Information led officers of the Southern Division Task Force, who carried out the exercise between 9pm and 10pm, to an abandoned lot at 1st Street, Union Road. There, the officers conducted a search and found a Ranger revolver. No arrests were made.

A loaded 9mm firearm is expected to be sent for ballistic testing this week after it was seized in Laventille. According to police reports, the weapon was seized over the weekend during a police exercise along the oldLaventille Road, Laventille. A team of officers from the Besson Street Police Station, including PC Williams and PC Ramrattan, received key information, which led them to an abandoned home along the roadway. The officers searched the home and they allegedly found the loaded 9mm firearm hidden in a black bag. As a result, the weapon and its ammunition were seized. However, no one was arrested as there was no one near the weapon at the time of the find. Despite this, investigations are said to be continuing into the incident, with the intent of making arrests in the immediate future.

Nielsen, the ratings service, announced Tuesday that it will begin to tabulate how many people get their live TV from Hulu and YouTube, an effort to provide a more accurate picture of how many people now watch broadcast networks by streaming them, rather than watching them on traditional TV. Hulu and YouTube have not revealed how many people have subscribed for the live TV services that they launched in the spring as a counter to cable TV. Subscribers can stream channels live on laptops, smartphones and elsewhere. They can also record shows digitally or watch them on demand. Both services cost nearly $40 a month. Media companies base the amount they charge advertisers on the number of people who are watching at a particular time, and want to insure that online viewers are also counted as more people shift to using online streaming services.

Fantasy Carnival and its sister band, Entice, gave masqueraders a taste of the kind of vibe to expect on the road for Carnival 2018 at the Queen's Park Oval last Saturday. Fantasy'sIsle of Olympia and Entice's ICONIC are both a celebration of women, where masqueraders can own the road as either Goddessesor Warrior Women. In addition to the bands' 2018 presentations, patrons got a sneak peek to their sultry yet fierce Monday wear. The Fantasy pump continued well into the early hours of Sunday morning, leaving many eagerly counting down the days til they hit the road in 2018.

Career and life coach Anthony Hadeed is on a mission to get youth on to the right career path most suited to them. He has dedicated his life to this under his company, Your Life Purpose, which offers a range of services including psychometric assessments and one-on-one classroom coaching for students. There are a number of young people who are uncertain of what careers to pursue, and the results of psychometric assessments--which measure theirmental capabilities and behavioural style--will help them determine the best career path. "Matching people with their most suitable careers or life paths can really have a positive impact both on their individual as well as their future employer and colleagues," Hadeed said. While these assessments arevery important, forsome, they're not always affordable. As a result, Hadeed has decided to raise funding to ensure that students can get help in a rather unconventional way. On August 20, Hadeed will attempt to power walk from Skinner Park, San Fernando to the Queen's Park Savannah, a total of 57 kilometres in distance. He has invited the general public to sponsor as many kilometres as they'd like. Watch as Hadeed talks more about his remarkable fundraiser as well shares his visible passion for helping youth in need. For more information about the 57K walk and how to pledge, visit the Walk of Faith for Youth website.

Image courtesy Animal Welfare Network

The Animal Welfare Network (AWN), the Wildlife Orphanage Rehabilitation Centre (WORC) and the TTPS combined efforts to rescue a caiman that wandered into a residential home early Saturday morning. According to a post to the AWN’s Facebook page, at 2.30am this morning Lisa Thomas from Wildlife Orphanage Rehabilitation Centre (WORC) was contacted by a family from Alyce Glen who discovereda caiman in their yard. Thomas enlisted the assistance of an AWN member for the rescue. The AWN member reportedly used a catch pole to capture the reptile who put up a “good fight" while Thomas held the kennel in place and guided the caiman in. Officers from the Four Roads Police Station PC Arneaud and PC Fourmain were also at the scene to assist. The AWN believes that the caiman came up from the storm drains which were full due to the recent heavy rains.The Serpentarium was contacted and agreed to take the caiman into their facility. The caiman was due to be released back into the wild at a safe location today.

A U.S. Navy patrol boat fired warning shots Tuesday near an Iranian vessel that came close to it during a tense encounter in the Persian Gulf, an American defense official said. Iran's hard-line Revolutionary Guard later blamed the American ship for provoking the incident. The encounter involving the USS Thunderbolt, a Cyclone-class patrol ship based in Bahrain as part of the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet, is the latest confrontation between Iranian vessels and American warships. The Thunderbolt was taking part in an exercise with American and other coalition vessels when the Iranian patrol boat approached it, the official said. The Iranian ship did not respond to radio calls, flares and sirens as it came within 150 yards (137 meters) of the Thunderbolt, forcing the U.S. sailors aboard to fire the warning shots, the official said. The Iranian boat went "dead in the water" after the shots and the vessels all left the area without further incident, the official said. The official spoke on condition of anonymity as the incident had yet to be made public. Iran's paramilitary Revolutionary Guard instead blamed the Thunderbolt for the incident in a statement, saying the American vessel moved toward one of its patrol boats in the incident. It said the Thunderbolt fired into the air "with the intention to provoke and create fear." Iran and the U.S. frequently have tense naval encounters in the Persian Gulf, nearly all involving the Revolutionary Guard, a separate force from Iran's military that answers only to the country's supreme leader. The U.S. Navy recorded 35 instances of what it describes as "unsafe and/or unprofessional" interactions with Iranians forces in 2016, compared to 23 in 2015. Of the incidents last year, the worst involved Iranian forces capturing 10 U.S. sailors and holding them overnight. It became a propaganda coup for Iran's hard-liners, as Iranian state television repeatedly aired footage of the Americans on their knees, their hands on their heads. Iranian forces view the American presence in the Gulf as a provocation by itself. They, in turn, have accused the U.S. Navy of unprofessional behavior, especially in the Strait of Hormuz, the mouth of the Persian Gulf through which a third of all oil trade by sea passes.

Authorities say a woman used a gun she stole from her parents to fatally shoot her two children, a woman at her estranged husband's apartment complex and herself in South Carolina. Pickens County Chief Deputy Creed Hashe said 36-year-old Jessica Edens called her estranged husband twice on July 13 — once around the time she killed the children and again before killing herself. Hashe said the same .40-calibur handgun used to kill 28-year-old Meredith Rahme in the parking garage below downtown Greenville apartments was used to kill 9-year-old Hayden King and 5-year-old Harper Edens. Hashe said in a news release Monday that text messages show Jessica Edens making plans to get back at her estranged husband after a Family Court hearing over their daughter.


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July 26, 2017

Free Stress & Anxiety Workshop

Come down to this free Stress and Anxiety Workshop to help deal with the issue of HIV/AIDS and stress and anxiety management.

Social development will be there with a social worker to do counselling and give advice on how to access grants and services in social development.

For more information call 466-0517 or email haecmf@gmail.com

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July 28, 2017

AEX 2017: The Apocalypse

About the Expo
ALIAS Entertainment Expo (AEX) will be a three day multi-genre convention held in the lovely twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Each year we choose a new and exciting theme to kick the con off right! In 2015 our patrons experienced a water themed, pool side event called 'Summer Splash' and in 2016 we took our patrons to 'The Final Frontier'. In 2017 ALIAS Entertainment Expo: 'The Apocalypse' will take patrons on an exciting post apocalyptic voyage, meshing the concept of a sci-fi theme park with a comic convention, thus truly creating a one of a kind experience!

Dates and Times: 
DAY 1 (FREE ENTRY): Cosplay Parade and Opening Ceremony
Friday July 28th 2017: 12noon- 5pm 
Venue: Parade route and City Hall POS

DAY 2 and 3: Expo
Saturday July 29th: 9am- 11pm 
Sunday July 30th 2017: 10am -12 midnight 
Venue: Centre of Excellence, Macoya

The Expo will be host to a number of games, exhibits and attractions, to find out more feel free to visit our website: www.alias-expo.com

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August 13, 2017

Pottery Throwdown

We have invited a professional potter to come to Ajoupa on Sunday August 13th 2017, from 10 am to 4 pm. 

He will demonstrate how easy it is to make pots on the wheel! There will be extra wheels for anyone wanting to try their hand at this amazing craft. Adam, Greta and Bunty will be on hand to assist. 

Admission: $20 per person.
Please walk with your own refreshments.

Looking forward to seeing lots of budding potters and clay enthusiasts!

For more info: please email www.ajoupapottery.com